PrototypingServices for industry

Specialist prototyping consulting service chooses the 3D printing technology most suitable for a given object based on experimental creation of a prototype. We have created a 3D printing centre , where we use various 3D printing technologies, such as FDM/FFF/MEM (Fused Deposition Modelling), SLS (Selective Laser Sintering), MJP (Multi Jet Printing).


These technologies make it possible to generate prints with different technical parameters, different materials, varying accuracy and size of the target item. Professional solutions dedicated to industries are an answer to a varying scope of needs and requirements.


Our consulting services are based on 3 technologies featuring following possibilities:


technical drawing


Up Box

FDM technology (FFF/MEM) - applying layers of thermoplastic material

The prints in this technology feature 0.2 - 0.3 mm dimensional accuracy (depending on dimensions and materials used). A broad scope of materials (such as ABS, ASA, PLA, PET-G, nylon, Carbonfiber-filled materials) allows for manufacturing multi-purpose elements, as well as lowering the costs of creating prototypes and short manufacturing batches.


What do we use:

- TierTime UpBox+ x2, working field 205x205x255mm

- TierTime Inspire D290, working field 290x320x255mm (only ABS printing)




SLS technology - selective laser sintering of powdered PA12 polyamide material

SLS, just as the SLA technology, is one of the oldest techniques of quick prototyping. It has been developed over 30 years and from among the existing 3D-printing methods it currently is the most popular one for manufacturing short batches of final technical elements . One could say that in some cases it is a solution comparable to manufacturing technical elements with injection moulding.

Thanks to the durability of the materials and high accuracy of the parts, this technology has the greatest manufacturing potential.


What do we use:

- Sonda SYS SL01 – the first Polish industrial SLS 3D-printer with adjustable working field: 250x250x350mm oraz 350x350x600mm

SondaSys 01




PolyJet technology - printing with photopolymer resins cured through UV light

PolyJet technology is a highly advanced and flexible multi-colour and multi-material 3D-printing technology. The greatest advantage of this technology is the possibility of manufacturing tools, prototypes or even ready parts with incredible surface accuracy and precision, allowing for generating even the most complex geometry. This technology offers the best accuracy among the currently available 3D printers:

  • smooth and accurate prototypes;
  • short batches of specialised tools, connections and compounds;
  • printing even the most complex shapes;
  • models built of several different materials, changing colours and mechanical properties: possibility of joining hard and rubber-like elements, manufacturing of injection moulds for short batches, prints imitating waterglass.


What do we use:

- Objet 350 Connex3, working field: 350x350x200mm