Reverse engineeringServices for industry

Specialist consulting services on digitalisation of objects with reverse engineering are based on transforming spatial objects into their digital models. Reverse engineering is a process of generating a 3D or 2D documentation from an object. The CAD models of physical details use the data acquired in 3D scanning. Reproduction of complex geometric shapes with traditional techniques is difficult, time-consuming, and often simply impossible. Within our services, the reconstruction of surface geometry is performed in special software after the 3D scanning results are imported.


Generation of a CAD model based on a 3D scan of an existing element:

  • When it is necessary to replace an unusual or damaged part
  • Redesigning an existing element
  • Recreation of 2D and 3D documentation
  • Creation of elements adjusted for the existing ones
  • Quick update of existing 3D models after manual modification of a detail (e.g. matrices)
  • Saves your time and money


What do we use:

  • 3D scanner– GOM Atos Compact Scan 5M
  • Photogrammetry system – GOM Tritop Professional
  • Reverse engineering software – GeoMagic DesignX
  • CAD software - SolidEdge


Reverse Engineering