3D scanning and measurementsServices for industry

Full consulting services based on 3D scanning and modelling with the highest standard of measurement precision. Our services are realised both at our headquarters in Słupsk and at our clients’.

Specialist consulting services include:

  • measurement precision of +/- 0.030 mm on objects of up to 2 metres,
  • measurement precision of +/- 0.050 mm on objects of up to 10 metres
  • measurement of details varying in size and dimensions from several millimetres to over 10 metres,
  • measurement of differently shaped objects made of different materials, including light-reflecting or transparent materials, such as glass,
  • direct scanning result in point cloud file format *.stl,
  • modelling based on *.stl files and exporting to surfaces or figures *.igs/*.stp
  • comparison of measured details with CAD models - measurement of deviations at each point of inspection
  • preparation of 3D documentation,
  • comparison of measured details with CAD models - result in the form of a coloured map of deviations
  • full dimensioning according to 2D drawings (length, width, angles)
  • GD&T tolerancing of location and shape (flatness, straightness, cylindricity, location, etc.)
  • sharing the measurement results in free GOM Inspect software, allowing for review and analysis of the results,
  • preparation of measurement report


What do we use:

  • 3D scanner – GOM Atos Compact Scan 5M
  • Photogrammetry system – GOM Tritop Professional
ATOS CompactScan